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Top Study Apps for Students

Published October 1, 2020.

This year has taught us all that the use of technology within the realm of education is not only here to stay, it is an essential component as we move forward into 2021.

The world of education has adapted to what 2020 has thrown our way and we’ve learned that with access to apps and technology, we really do have the ability to learn anything from anywhere. So as the fall semester gets off the ground and students are focused on their studies, we’ve put together a list of some top study apps to help in productivity, time-management and study & writing skills!


If you are writing essays, sending emails, developing resumes, or even just taking notes, Grammarly is a must-have installation in our opinion!  Install this free app on your desktop, and the keyboard onto your phone/tablet and it literally works across all of your apps and platforms. Be confident in your grammar and writing skills and put out your best work yet!



My Study Life

Are you the type of person that stores all schedules on your phone and yet you still feel disorganized? You are not alone!  But, there is an app for that 😉 My Study Life is an app chosen by many students to make managing due dates, deadlines, homework and exam dates a whole lot more efficient by keeping everything all within one app. Build your schedule, manage your classes, track your tasks and create notifications to make sure you never miss an important date again!




Known as one of the best organizational apps on the market, Evernote simplifies your life by keeping all of your notes, reminders, ideas in lists all in one spot. As a student, taking notes is a pretty big aspect of the job, so do yourself a favour and download this app. Whether you’re following a lecture, need to scan a document to keep on file or you are just writing down the list of groceries you need to grab after class, Evernote is a quick and easy solution to getting everything organizeds. The basic version allows you to sync across two devices, and the premium versions offer even more. 


Free and Premium Versions


Studying a new language? Duolingo will help you master it. This fun and interactive app is free, and allows you to set your learning goals and daily practice time. If you happen have a competitive bone in your body, there’s a good chance you’ll become addicted! Earn points by completing lessons, race against a clock and get rewards for correct answers!  Duolingo is free, and even more importantly, it is FUN. Studying is so much better when the fun element is involved!




Prepping for an exam and need to study? Check out CheggPrep for the modern-day version of flashcards! With over 500 million flashcards to choose from or the option to create your own study deck, CheggPrep’s flashcard system will help you crush your next exam. Digitize your study skills and put your knowledge to the test! 



All of these top study apps for students will help you not just while you’re focused on your studies, but are also great options for productivity as you move forward into your career, or just want to learn something new!

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