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COVID-19 Readiness Plan Approved

Published January 26, 2021.

We are happy to share that as of January 12th, 2021, Mentora Language Academy (formerly Capital English Solutions) and Mentora College of Business & Technology have been added to the list of Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) with an approved COVID-19 Readiness Plan! This means that students with a valid study permit and necessary arrangements for quarantine, can enter Canada to take our Accredited Language and College/Uni Pathway Program and Georgian College Recognized Career College Diplomas!

To better assist, students can now purchase a ‘Safe Arrival’ Package that satisfies all major legal requirements such as:

  1. Transportation from the airport to the hotel
  2. Hotel
  3. Food
  4. A SIM Card for data and phone communication and entertainment
  5. Mental health support
  6. Health insurance
  7. Transportation from the hotel to the testing centre and back.

Please click here to for details and pricing of this package. It is not mandatory but you still must have a quarantine plan in place.

To purchase this package click on the link below and you will be taken to the website that offers the plan.


Mentora  students are required to have a quarantine plan in place and should also note that a negative COVID-19 test is required before travelling to Canada. Documentation that a negative PCR test was taken within 72 hours of departure to Canada must be presented to the airline prior to boarding. 

Please make sure consult with or your Mentora regional representative for further information and for more details on our Covid-19 Readiness Plan, please see link.

Covid-19 Readiness Plan